15 Best Opening Levels In Gaming History

Iconic for their artistic merit and mind-melting invention...

As vital as the final part of a video game is in cementing its legacy, the opening level is inarguably far more important to get right, as it leaves gamers with their first impression of the game, and will likely decide whether they will continue to play through the rest of it or not. It's not particularly hard to find a video game with a good opening sequence, but what about the games that truly taught us something new, reinvented the wheel by demonstrating something we'd never seen before, or showed just how limitless the possibilities of the medium could be? These 15 games completely defied any and all expectations with their opening levels, and forged themselves in the hearts and minds of gamers forever more as a result. Whether we're talking about classic platformers, revolutionary cinematic experiences, grimly intense prologues or just gameplay like we'd never seen before, these games grabbed our attention from minute one, and for the most part didn't let up until the end credits rolled. Iconic for their artistic merit and mind-melting invention, here are the 15 best opening levels in gaming history. Did we miss any classic opening levels? Or do you find any of these levels a tad overrated? Let us know in the comments!

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