15 Best Ubisoft Video Games Of The 2000s

Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed?

Ubisoft video games

Although they've taken a lot of flack since the most recent generation kicked into gear, Ubisoft are still one of the best big publishers in the video game world. They're not without their flaws of course, and visual downgrades, a love of DRM and shoving the same franchises down our throats without bothering to keep them fresh have dogged the company's reputation in the past few years.

Away from all that though, Ubi are one of the only companies willing to take chances on interesting new properties and experiment with different genres, leading to some of the best games, well, ever. From Far Cry 3 defining the open world titles of the early 2010s to the initially-struggling Rainbow Six: Siege transforming into one of the most engaging multiplayer shooters of the decade, Ubisoft's impact on the industry shouldn't be understated.

The 2000s in particular was a strong decade for the company, as they matured into the powerhouse they are today. The years where the majority of their biggest franchises were born, the publisher took chances and stuck to their guns to create seminal titles that are still talked about today, but only one deserves to be heralded above the rest...


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