15 Football Manager Wonderkids Who Didn't Live Up To Expectations

Despite giving us hours of digital pleasure (stop it, you), these guys never quite made the grade in real life.

Much like reality, people in virtual worlds often don't turn out to be what they first seem. At this point it's important to make it abundantly clear we're not talking about the real age of Obafemi Martins, as we doubt even he could help us with that great mystery. You are about to take a journey down memory lane and see what happened to your favourite FM wonderkids of the past. For a game that's renowned for essentially being a dressed-up spread sheet, it has set exceptional benchmarks in player scouting knowledge. A team of hundreds of scouts help to make the tens of thousands of players as realistic as possible within the game, and by and large, in most cases they have been absolutely spot on over the years. However, there is a very select club that may be all-too-often left forgotten by the franchises' veterans. Likewise, new players to the Football Manager series may not know of the wonderkids who never quite lived up to expectations. So let's find out where those players who once inspired awe amongst full stadia of worshiping fans have ended up. The kind of players who you wouldn't think twice to build your treble chasing team around before? Well, you might do now.

15. Fábio Paím

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeuuTVk256w Once upon a time, a certain Portuguese footballer by the name Cristiano Ronaldo uttered the sentence "if you think i'm good, just wait until you see Fábio Paím." Never were truer words spoken, right? Wrong. Many a shortlist will have been adorned at some point by this very highly-regarded youngster who had a natural abundance of skill and trickery. So many had expected him to become Portugal's next icon and go on to be among the very best in the game. Indeed, his inclusion on the game as a 14 year old almost indefinitely meant he was a serious talent worth scouting. Hailing from the famous Sporting Lisbon academy in the same generation as a clutch of very famous footballing names, Paím was very often regarded as the pick of the bunch. Now 26 and playing lower league Portuguese football, it's a real shame that opportunities never came to fruition for the talented trickster. Although he might not have had the career he hoped for, nobody can take away the memories of his mazy dribbles and electric wing play which must've helped win may a trophy back in the day, in the virtual realm.

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