15 Most Difficult Gaming Moments Of 2014

The most controller-hurlingly, disc-snappingly difficult moments in 2014's video games...

It's a constant complaint among gamers that modern games are simply getting too easy in order to appeal to as many "casual" players as possible and sell more copies of said game. These 15 titles, however, offer a firm rebuke to that statement, each boasting at least one monumentally difficult moment that had even the most hardcore players on the verge of tearing their hair out and close to rage-quitting the game forever more. From insanely demanding achievements to ludicrous boss fights, intentionally difficult control schemes and difficulty modes that took the meaning of the word "challenging" to torturous new heights, no gaming moments from 2014 where anywhere near as infuriating as these tasks. If you gave up on any of these missions, battles or achievements, don't feel bad, and if you somehow made it through, well, there's a good chance you're a card-carrying masochist. Whether an unexpected difficulty spike in an otherwise easy game or (as in most cases) simply the most challenging part of an already tough as nails title, these 15 gaming moments will keep players stumped for years to come, and rightly so. That feeling of accomplishment (if you somehow managed it) just can't be matched by anything else that an easier game has to offer: to know that you've done something millions of others can't is the ultimate in gaming bragging rights. Here are the 15 most difficult gaming moments of 2014...

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