15 Most Legendary Maps In Halo History

Blood Gulch, possibly the greatest multiplayer map of all time.


Whether it's the music, the enemies, gameplay or even the Red vs. Blue machinima, there have been many, many reasons to fall in love with Halo.

Launching 15 years ago, way back on the original Xbox, it goes without saying that Bungie's premiere shooter changed the landscape of gaming for the better, paving the way for multiple sequels and spin-offs.

For many, the multiplayer alone is so well thought out and perfected, they will spend literally thousands of hours a year playing nothing other than whatever the latest Halo release.

While some maps are forgettable, Bungie's FPS is one of the few games to have many notable memories for gamers. It might've been an epic cross-map sticky grenade kill, an incredible assassination or perhaps a traffic cone bashing a Spartan's skull in - either way everyone has their favourites, but with over one hundred maps in Halo's history, not every one can become legendary.

Which maps are the best of the bunch? Let me know in the comments below, and here are just a few of the finest.

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