17 Best Video Game Covers Of All-Time

Nobody ever told us to not judge a game by its cover...

Video Game Cover Montage The first interaction we have with a video game is with its case and the artwork which has been chosen to represent the game. For a title to be commercially successful it needs a cover which is going to stand out on store shelves, grab our attention and have us willing to part with our hard-earned cash. From a young age we€™re told to never judge a book by its cover. Let€™s be honest though €“ it€™s impossible to look at a video game and not form a judgement based on the artwork. Often it€™s not even a bad way of evaluating a game. Of course there is occasionally a terrible game which comes out with an awesome cover but for the most part the artistry and awesomeness of an effective piece of cover artwork is typical of the entire gaming package. Some successful covers are daringly controversial while others are so overflowing with vibrant colours that it€™s impossible not to warm to them €“ as with any artwork, there€™s really no hard-and-fast rule as to what makes a good game cover. From images of severed hands floating through space to games which have the instructions manual cleverly incorporated into the cover, over the years we€™ve seen some truly incredible pieces of cover artwork which have ingrained themselves onto our memories. Here are 17 of the best ever:

17. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009)

Why It's Great: It may not have the same unintentionally comedic impact as the game's Japanese artwork (see below) but overall it is the game's western cover which is the most effective. The sight of Nathan Drake being fingertips away from plummeting to his doom looks incredible. The entire treasure-hunting series is known for its excellent cover artwork, but it is Among Thieves, which depicts the hero in this perilous situation, which is by far the most effective. The sight of the statue sneering at Drake's plight in the background is also extremely creepy. How It Represents The Game: Aside from it's absorbing shooting mechanics the gameplay of the Uncharted series is based around climbing up ancient buildings and clambering your way out of wreckages (which seem to follow Drake like a bad smell). This cover not only encapsulates the importance of climbing in the game but also tells of its cinematic nature. Playing Among Thieves is like watching a great action film, littered with memorable set-piece moments. What is more cinematic than seeing a character hanging on to something for dear life? Sony Computer Entertainment

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