18 Best PS4 Games You're Not Playing

Are you making the most of your PS4?

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Coming up on its fourth birthday, the PS4 has gone from rocky start to middling plateau, to holy crap the exclusives won't stop.

Just this year we've had everything from Horizon Zero Dawn to Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Yakuza Kiwami to NieR: Automata - and that's without mentioning Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Guardian and Until Dawn beforehand. Indeed, it might have taken Sony all this time to get the right projects into the right hands, but the end result is a demonstrably impressive lineup of key titles appealing to all major demographics.

Contrasted against the Xbox One's woeful 2017 offering there's no contest, but such a strong mass-market library invites a level of intense playability that results in a number of games being left by the wayside.

More than any past generation, this time around we've seen the indie movement rise up to become the new "B-tier" of game development, alongside the likes of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice experimenting with a "triple-A" production being released for a fraction of the price. All of these approaches to releasing content has resulted in a staggering array of experiences for the consumer, but are you playing the best your PS4 has to offer?

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