18 Best Survival Horror Video Games Of All Time

Can Resident Evil 7 make its mark on history?

P T Silent hills

Since the likes of Sweet Home and Alone in the Dark - both games or franchises that have since fell completely by the wayside - survival horror has been one of the most consistently enjoyable and popular genres of them all. Whether it be the corridor-crawling delights of Resident Evil, the cerebral psychological mind-f*ckery of Silent Hill or the jump-scare delights of Slender Man, there's something quintessentially enjoyable about being 'inside' the genre itself.

Such a realisation has propelled developers to create some of most engaging and thoroughly memorable video games of all time, and you need only look to the likes of the 'dog window scare' in Resi or everything about Pyramid Head, to get a feel for how timeless a truly great scare can be.

That said, which games did it better than most? Which developers crafted the perfect survival horror experiences, truly making you fear for your life against all manner of opponents?

Let us know in the comments what the greatest survival horror of all time is, and here's another question for the ages as we go:

Do video games do horror better than Hollywood?

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