18 Best Video Game Moments Of 2017

Wolfenstein 2 just delivered one of the most memorable scenes of all TIME...

Video Game Moments 2017

From the Nintendo Switch to PS4 Pro, The Legend of Zelda to Horizon Zero Dawn, 2017 has demonstrably been not only one of the best years for gaming this decade, but one of the most important and influential going forward.

We're seen a huge rise in the "games as a service" business model, what with everything from Agents of Mayhem to Shadow of War, Destiny 2 to Star Wars Battlefront 2 all being built from the ground-up as games any consumer can play for months at a time. Season passes and DLC have also been upended as various big publishers are omitting them in favour of microtransaction models (despite the latter being one of the most hated things of the year in itself).

All of this, and we've barely talked about the games.

Our full Best Video Games of 2017 is arriving soon, but think for just a second on 2017 and you'll remember Super Mario Odyssey, Cuphead, Resident Evil 7, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Wolfenstein II - each deserving of a potential top spot, and each being peppered with scores of phenomenal levels, characters, moments and set-pieces.

Truly, though the industry has seen some momentous shifts, it'd be nothing without the video games...

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