18 Huge WTF Moments In Popular Video Games

WTF were the developers thinking?

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have a problem to solve and every solution that your stupid brain throws at you is more ridiculous than the last? It's just brainfart after brainfart until it gets to the point where some of the weirder ideas actually seem to start making sense? It happens to everyone and it seems like videogame developers are as susceptible to it as anyone else. The only difference is that once they reach the point where every crazy concept starts to look like a good idea, they have the platform to bring their what's happening in their minds to a massive audience. Every so often one of them will luck out and manage to produce something that actually winds up working, even if it makes absolutely no sense in the context of the game they are making. Unfortunately, in many other cases an idea that seemed to good on paper will manifest itself into a weird situation, be it a level or boss, that does little more than confuse gamers and make them wonder what on earth the developers must have been smoking to come up with the ordeal they have just been put through. Regardless of whether they worked or not, all of these moments stood out for being particularly odd in comparison to the rest of the games that they came from.


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