20 Best Current Gen Games So Far

Since it has been widely reported that both Sony and Microsoft might reveal their next generation consoles – the media-dubbed…

Jamie Callaghan



Since it has been widely reported that both Sony and Microsoft might reveal their next generation consoles – the media-dubbed 720 and PS4 – later this year, now is a great time to look back at the achievements of this current generation to date.

Both the PS3 and 360 have revolutionised the way we play games. Online gaming has become a certified money-maker, with the original Modern Warfare turning the Call of Duty franchise from successful WWII shooter into the most profitable series in the gaming industry. We’ve also witnessed the rise of the online marketplace, where downloadable games, like the sublime point-and-click adventure The Walking Dead, have challenged mainstream games and the way we play.

Some of the giants of the previous generation have continued to adapt – just compare GTA: San Andreas to GTA IV – but we’ve also witnessed some new series earn their place among the greats. The industry continues to evolve and, thanks to some of the best games available, we’ve been able to explore new territories. We’ve visited the farthest corners of our galaxy and the depths of the ocean.

These landscapes have been littered with some unforgettable characters. Greek gods and legendary dragons have been crushed by our heroes.  Who knows how many times we’ve saved the earth; whether it’s from alien races destined to make us extinct or radical Russians who want to cause global war.

Here’s a list of the top 25 current-gen games so far. It includes only 360 and PS3 games and only one game from a series.


20. Dishonored


You’ve been tasked with assassinating a high ranking government official; the man who plotted the murder of the Empress you guarded. You could sneak into the palace and cut his throat. Why not just destroy all who cross your path? On the other hand, there is a recording of him admitting his guilt and if that was broadcast, his reputation would be in tatters.

The beauty of Dishonoured is in the freedom you are given. At the beginning of each mission you are set your target but how you go about it is completely up to you. Away from the main story there are also a number of side quests that can be started during the missions. There’s the usual array of weapons but you’re also able to use a number of extra talents (taking control of a mouse to enter a building undetected, slowing down time for a short burst etc.). The blink ability – allowing you to move instantly between medium sized spaces – makes movement no longer a chore but extra fun.

The city of Dunwall is a masterpiece. It takes the artistic styling of Bioshock and applies it to a 19th century London which has been ravaged by plague. As you travel through the slums you’ll come across those who are decaying in the sewers and those who are still enjoying their privileged life; many of whom are corrupt to the bone. The city is rotting at the core and you’re the only chance of its survival.