20 Best Gaming Easter Eggs Of The Decade (So Far)

What do Kratos, the Batmobile and Star Wars have in common?

Easter Eggs are the new achievements or trophies, haven't you heard? They're the reason it's worth digging out titles both old and new for another playthrough, why tracking down guides alluding to cinematic and literary references across any number of titles can put a new spin on its development - and they all act as the perfect way for any given studio to inject a myriad of personal touches without being too overt about it. Over the years the term itself has come to embody essentially every unlockable reward or tucked-away feature - but there are always those that stand out as having more effort and work put into them than the rest. From celebrity-styled cameos and other projects both past and upcoming getting teased to retro-throwbacks and everything in between, the 'video game easter egg' of 2015 can be pretty much anything. Couple that with the fact game production overall has seen a huge step up on both the triple-A side in terms of team sizes and the resultant detail possible thereafter, and on a smaller indie scale where guys like Thomas Happ can single-handedly create masterworks like Axiom Verge - almost every game is packed with secrets and nuggets of brilliance throughout. All that said, the last five years have seen some of the best games in the history of the medium, and it's time to make you love them even more.

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