20 Best Video Game Multiplayer Modes Of All Time

20. Bounty Hunt - Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2
Respawn Entertainment

Hands-down the best FPS combat on the planet, Titanfall 2's kinetic mix of wall-runs, knee-slides and grapple hook-swings is just sublime. However, whilst it soars in standard showdowns, Bounty Hunt implements pockets of A.I. soldiers so you can branch off and wrack up the points away from the opposition.

This almost MMO-influenced design means even the newest players can still contribute to any online bout, building up confidence to Spider-Man their way into any more intense face-offs between top-tier combatants.

When all levels of competition are firing off across the map and you decide - amidst the chaos - to slide away from the action and gain the winning total by offing a squad of A.I. goons - it's a level of tactical thinking that few other games offer, and works perfectly.

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