20 Best Video Game Multiplayer Modes Of All Time

1. Rocket League

Rocket League Starbase

Literally being a rule-stripped 'soccer with cars' you wouldn't think Rocket League released in 2015, as at any given time today, tens of thousands of players are flying through the skies, arching their rides and flip-punting the ball into the top corner.

Hailed as the game that finally made America understand the beauty of a well-aimed back o' the net shot, there's a depth to the physics at work that lets anyone jump in and start working as a team, but mastering the aerial game is something else entirely. Every shot in Rocket League is that sensation of planting your foot in real life and hoping for the best - only to erupt in sheer euphoria when a plan comes together for the win.

For that reason alone it's more enjoyable than any sports game, topped off by all the aesthetic trimmings of a future showdown between nitro-powered battle cars in some of the coolest arenas you've ever seen. Honing your skills from "hit n' hope" to flying upside-down and slamming home the winning shot is a rush like nothing else - especially if you're playing against or with friends.

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