20 Best Video Games Of 2014

What would be your Game of the Year?

Goty Game Of The Year 2014 In one of the most divisive years in gaming history, one where you couldn't go longer than a few weeks without a story breaking about a server breaking down or a big-budget game arriving in an unfinished state, these end of year deliberations mean more than ever. What's become your Game of the Year in 2014? If you take a look back at the end of last year, the debates were centred around incredibly important landmark titles like The Last of Us and Bioshock: Infinite, going up against indie-powerhouses like Gone Home and Papers Please - but this time although it may not be stuffed with so many medium-defining entries, there's still plenty to celebrate. From new instalments in stalwart franchises that manage to freshen things up for fans that were teetering on the edge of missing an entry, to entirely new experiences from first-time developers that instantly enamoured themselves to thousands of fans, it's in the face of a year that's been plagued by disappointment and misdirection that the real gems stand out. Shining a light on the best of the best is exactly what's needed when so many consumers of next generation consoles and media might be feeling at a bit of a loose end, and with a bevy of titles that deserve your attention as the year draws to a close, 2014's stilted console cycle start actually has far more going for it than you may have realised.
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