20 Greatest Ever Beat Em Up Video Game Characters

1. Guile (Street Fighter)

And #1 goes to Guile, the US Air Force major who sets his sights on taking down M. Bison for the murder of his mate Charlie. With his tattoo of the American flag on his arm and his proudly-worn military duds, it would be easy for Guile to be a jingoistic character made to appeal to Americans and few others, but really, the design extends to much of the Western world, who might easier identify with Guile than the more distinctly Asian characters in the game. Still, his silly hairstyle makes it clear Capcom has never taken him too seriously. Fighting-wise, he introduced the charge mechanic to the Street Fighter franchise, most prominently through his Sonic Boom and Flash Kick attacks. Though he may not have as many full-out attacks as other characters throughout the SF games, his few are so brutally effective that it doesn't matter. And the final reason why Guile makes #1 on this list? Guile's theme. It goes with everything. Did I miss any legendary fighters? Let me know in the comments!

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