20 Mind-Blowing Gaming Facts You Probably Never Knew [VIDEO]

Prepare to have your mind blown.

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x249vno_20-mind-blowing-gaming-facts-you-probably-never-knew_videogames When it comes down to it, gaming is probably the most exciting and diverse form of entertainment on the planet. Nobody can deny that the industry itself is in a huge boom phase, as more and more people from all walks of life stand up to identify themselves as members of the gaming community. As a medium, it's definitely the most interactive one out there; with a film or book, you receive a story, usually told in a straightforward and contained manner, but gaming has kept pushing beyond that, moving into newer territory, year on year. The whole experience is becoming more rounded; less A to B. As the new generation of consoles begins to gain a foothold among the wider gaming community, we figured that now would be a good time to look back through the history of gaming and bring you some of the most mind-blowing facts that even the hardcore among our ranks might not know! So whether it be original concepts that thankfully never saw the light of day, the true origins of an iconic character, or just straight-up ridiculous Easter-eggs, we've got you covered with a selection of 20 nostalgia filled facts that sum up the best and worst things about being a gamer.

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