20 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2018 - Ranked

2018 is going to be historic.

Video Games 2018
Naughty Dog/Sony/Rockstar/Nintendo

Just when you thought this generation couldn't get any better - and lord knows, it took some sweet time getting to the point we're at now - next year's slate starts to click into place.

Mostly the result of various key titles being repeatedly delayed (take as much time as you need with Red Dead 2, Rockstar...), we can at least put together a pretty clear picture of what's to come. From two incredibly risky sequels (the aforementioned RDR 2 and The Last of Us 2) that could go either way, to innovative new ideas like the two player-only A Way Out or the almost-certainly-set-to-disappoint Shenmue III, 2018 should have just as many big takeaways as this year, if not more.

Because from top to bottom, 2017 has been an exemplary showing for the industry. We've seen Nintendo return to glorious form, releasing exclusives left, right and centre, Sony extended their sales lead with one of the best exclusive lineups since the PS2 (Horizon Zero Dawn, NieR, Nioh, Crash's N. Sane Trilogy, Persona 5 and two Yakuza games plus a whole lot more), and Microsoft, well... *awkward cough*.

With two sales leaders and one chasing up the rear, let's rank every major game you can expect to play across all of 2018, from "Well, it might be okay" to "HOLYSH*TICANTWAIT"...

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