20 Nintendo Games You Must Play Before You Die

Mario, Zelda, Samus and MANY more.


Few companies can claim to have defined quite as many childhoods as Nintendo, the firm that put home consoles on the map and created some of the most cherished and enduring video game characters of all time.

The Big N has come a long way since it was founded as a playing card brand back in 1889. It hit the stratosphere almost a century later after breaking into consumer electronics and blazing a trail in the emerging field of interactive entertainment.

Early innovations such as the handheld Game & Watch and arcade classic Donkey Kong were followed by creations that changed both hardware and software as we know it. The Game Boy, NES and Super Nintendo defined their generations and the characters these machines introduced to the world remain gaming icons to this day.

Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and the rest of Nintendo's colourful crew have single-handedly reshaped genres over the years, clinging onto popularity after the N64 took them into 3D territory and remaining influential into the Switch era.

Even when Ninty has struggled to compete with Sony and Microsoft on the hardware front, the developer's ability to churn out world-class games that everyone should experience at least once has never diminished.

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