20 Upcoming PS4 Exclusives You Can’t Afford To Miss

PS4 is kicking ass and taking names.

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The PS4 is a beast of a console. It’s wiping the floor with the competition and is already home to loads of classic video games. The machine is only in its fourth year on the market, though, and with the PS4 Pro giving gamers an optional mid-gen upgrade, there should be another three or four years left in it yet.

With over 40 million consoles sold the system is leading the battle of exclusive titles, and even those available on other systems can benefit from exclusive features, such as PS VR support.

2017 and beyond will see plenty more games arriving only on PS4, so here is a list of the 20 PS4 exclusives you simply can’t afford to miss.

20. Resident Evil 7 - January 24, 2017


Resident Evil 7 isn’t an exclusive to PlayStation 4, but with PS VR support it’ll feel like a completely different game. Capcom chose to take a very different direction with the seventh numbered title in its long-running survival horror series, ditching the tried and tested third-person camera in favour of a more immersive first-person view. The days of silly bad guys also appear to be a thing of the past, with Resident Evil 7’s tone far more serious than what we’ve seen before.

It’s Virtual Reality that gets Resident Evil 7 on this list, though. Teased many moons ago through Capcom’s Kitchen VR experience, VR seems to work brilliantly in this newly remodelled horror experience. Walking through the creepy hallways and taking on the spine-chilling enemies simply won’t be as scary on other platforms. Resident Evil 7 is one of the first triple-A titles to be designed with VR in mind, and it should show when the game is released on January 24.


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