21 Most Replayable Video Games Of The 2000s

There are few titles gamers won't go back through to get their money's worth, but these beauties ate up entire lifetimes for many different spectacular reasons.

Gaming The idea of a game being replayed is nearly always par for the course for any player, and it most definitely goes quadruple if you've just purchased the likes of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. Being that its average runtime seems to be around the one hour mark you're going to need to squeeze every bit of content out of it to get your money's worth. Then you have guys like Heavy Rain writer and director David Cage stating upon the game's release in 2010 that he would prefer you only play through the title once, thereby having to live with whatever choices you made for all eternity. Yet most of us genuinely want to go back through any game, for a whole plethora of different reasons; anything from the sheer joy of the games' mechanics, to character design and art direction or just to see certain moments or animations over again have made gamers who we are; all wanting to find that last hidden collectable and explore every corner of the world laid out in front of us. That very idea of playing something through once is a strange concept in comparison to other artforms though, as we all know when diving back into whatever experience you're dedicating your time to the outcome will be different. Gamers author their own experiences to some degree, which is something that many have used in the past to state that 'games cannot ever be art'. However it is through exploring the coding of the games themselves and through combining the 'authorable' (or playable) sections of a game with the other directly expositional sections that create some of the greatest gaming experiences of all time.
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