25 Awesome Fallout Easter Eggs That You Probably Missed

From a post-apocalyptic Tardis to famous movie side-arms, here’s the greatest Fallout easter eggs ever!

Tom Butler



Despite the serious subject matter of a nuclear apocalypse, the Fallout series has always had its tongue shoved firmly in its cheek. With witty dialogue, humours character dialogue, and some incredibly funny satire, the Fallout games can easily provide as many laughs as they do scares.

Much of this humour is derived through the various easter eggs and references to other famous franchises that are scatted throughout every game. From famous quotations to familiar creatures, it’s clear that the creators behind each game are well versed in their pop culture.

Easter egg hunters will feel right at home in the Fallout games, and we can’t wait to uncover even more when Fallout 4 finally releases. For now, we’ve put together a list of the greatest references that you can find throughout the Fallout series, along with images and descriptions of where exactly you can expect to find them.


25. Don’t Feed Him After Midnight!


Game: Fallout: New Vegas

Reference: The evil Stripe from the Gremlins movie.

Where it’s found: A miniature Deathclaw named Stripe in a dog house behind Dr. Borous’ house.


24. Callahan’s Magnum


Game: Fallout 3

Reference: Harry Callahan’s famous weapon from the Dirty Harry movies.

Where it’s found: Inside a locked safe in the Citadel ruins (requires Broken Steel add-on).