I’m here in your computer (yes yours, Greg) today to talk about two of my favorite things: Star Wars video games and subtle racism. Well, to be honest, I’m actually going to talk about “speciesism”(apparently not a word in my spell check), but I’ll get into that little difference later. Some of you reading this may be aware that many of George Lucas’ movies have come under fire as supporting racist stereotypes. Most famous were accusations that the Gungans (strangely, also not a word) and the Neimoidians were insultingly stereotypical representations of African Americans and Asians, respectively. There are also those out there who tend to think that the entire Star Wars universe sets itself up as a racially driven narrative.

These theoretical racist undertones in the movies are a little hard to swallow, as a lot of assumptions of intention are needed before you can even begin to take them seriously. But for those of you who have spent hundred of hours combing the swamps and bars of Star Wars video games, it doesn’t take much looking to see that race/species is the largest determining factor in the galaxy. One would think that this fact would be a wildfire topic on the internet, but a quick search for related keywords only brought up this colorful/childish post, that ended up just being a dirty joke troll.

So, I will once more take on the daunting task of fixing the world with my words as I discuss exactly how Star Wars video games are some of the most racist popular media available.

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This article was first posted on July 26, 2012