The Mario Universe is one of the richest in Video Gaming. It’s crammed with memorable characters, locations and items. So where do Nintendo find their inspiration? Not surprisingly, Mario programmers sometimes took events and characters from their own lives, and included them in the game they were creating.

In this article we’re going to take a look at four real life inspirations that helped shape the Mario games, and also dispel a false one.


4. Chomp

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The first on the list is also the most obvious. You’ve probably noticed the similarities between Chomp, the chained menace that pounces if you get too close, and a ferocious guard dog. But did you know that the creature is based on a specific dog that terrorised Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto every day as he walked to school? The animal, tied to a post in a neighbour’s back yard, used to bark and snarl furiously every time somebody passed it in the road outside. It’s since been immortalised in countless Mario titles, achieving a level of fame that most pooches can only dream of.


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This article was first posted on December 14, 2012