41 Must Buy Video Games Of 2014

26. The Elder Scrolls Online €“ April 4th (PC, Consoles At A Later Date)

I€™m fairly certain that this is one that€™s been a long time coming, considering just how mouth-wateringly tantalizing the concept alone sounds. Gamers love exploring rich and vast fantasy universes €“ especially when they€™re as massive as Skyrim €“ so the prospect of partying up with friends and doing so in an MMO-structured game is appealing. As someone who doesn€™t even play MMO€™s, even I must admit I€™m interested in trying this one out.

25. Destiny €“ September 9th (PS3, PS4, XBO, 360)

Let€™s not kid ourselves here; we are being sold on this one from the Bungie name. What gamer isn€™t interested in seeing what the top-notch development studio follows Halo up with? Fortunately for us, Destiny also looks like incredibly fun and ambitious, resembling a far more advanced take on Borderlands. The art style still screams Halo but that isn€™t necessarily a bad thing. Ultimately, I€™m just sensing that Bungie is going to hit it out of the park again.

24. The Witness €“ Q1 (PS4)

Jonathan Blow created and developed Braid by himself; a puzzle platformer that is arguably solely responsible for kickstarting a mainstream acceptance in indie games. His next game is a first person adventure titled The Witness. It also looks fairly unique and creative, offering an open world with no predetermined order to complete various stages of puzzles. Furthermore, its artstyle and environments are relaxingly gorgeous and invite a sense of wonder. The Witness is potentially another indie masterpiece.

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