5 Geek Franchises We’d Like To See As Lego Games

Before 2005, Lego games were mediocre at best. But then came the release of Lego Star Wars, a retelling of…

James T. Cornish



Before 2005, Lego games were mediocre at best. But then came the release of Lego Star Wars, a retelling of the Prequel Trilogy completely in Lego, and a phenomenally successful gaming franchise was born. Nearly eight years on, there are a huge number of Lego games available from Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean to Lego Lord Of The Rings.

Almost every big film franchise is getting the Lego treatment although, luckily, there’s no Lego game based on Michael Bay’s Transformers films yet. The latest addition to the ever-expanding roster of Lego games is Lego Marvel Super Heroes, a game currently slated for an autumn 2013 release that converts a massive of number of Marvel characters into Lego.

While we’re waiting for that, here are five other series that we’d like to see a Lego game of…


5. Lego Star Trek

lego star trek

I’ve never been a Trekkie myself but, for me, Lego is like bacon. The amount of things it can’t make better is very limited. So I’d still love to see a Lego Star Trek.

The simplest thing to do would be to base it on the JJ Abrams’ Star Trek films as they’re the most recent incarnation of the franchise and work as origin stories, which prevents them and any tie-in media being bogged down in the continuity of the various television series. Plus it would allow for a very clean-cut and linear story structure similar to that of the earlier Lego games which featured the game divided into three separate parts (each consisting of six levels)that could be could played in any order and allowed the player to switch between the stories if faced with a boredom or a particularly difficult level.

Also, Star Trek’s ensemble cast would allow for large number of characters with varying abilities which would give the gameplay a good deal of variety. Already I can think of Sulu being able to hack into control panels, Scotty being able to fix broken objects, and Uhura being able to jump to high ledges like the female characters in Lego Indiana Jones. Finally, a Lego Star Trek game would allow fans everywhere to fulfill their dream of flying the USS Enterprise. Even if it is only one made of Lego.

Why It Won’t Happen

To be honest, there’s very little that means that Star Trek couldn’t end up being a Lego game other than potential issues with licensing and royalties but if it does happen, it would presumably feature levels based on a potential third Star Trek film by Abrams which, if it does get made, probably won’t get a release until around 2016. Which gives this idea a feasible (for lack of a better word) release date of around 2017.