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Japanese RPGs seem like a niche genre nowadays, with a well-supported but smaller set of games appearing primarily on Sony platforms (yes, you find the odd one popping up on Xbox 360 and slightly more appearing on Wii) to reasonable acclaim. They have their fan base and I am proud to say that I am one of them. I have sunk a fair portion of my gaming life into these immersive, sprawling games and it’s fair to say that I hardly ever say a bad word about them.

But this isn’t Philadelphia, and it isn’t always sunny in JRPG land. As with every genre there are certain pitfalls, and there are recurring annoyances that happen in every game, regardless of development team or publisher. These glitches and values aren’t necessarily bad, but they’re often steps that a gamer used to the Western market has to learn by just jumping in and giving it a go. For better or for worse.

This is 5 Lessons JRPG Gamers Learn The Hard Way…

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This article was first posted on September 3, 2013