5 Reasons You Should Drop What You’re Doing To Play Spec Ops: The Line

Summer is gone, Halloween is over, and now, finally, with Guy Fawkes done and dusted, it’s finally time to start…

Callum Gibson



Summer is gone, Halloween is over, and now, finally, with Guy Fawkes done and dusted, it’s finally time to start looking forward to Christmas. Christmas is a funny time, of course. The big gaming releases that you’ve been waiting for all year are already available in shops, but you can’t really go out to buy them because you know that a copy will probably turn up in your stocking.

After spending all summer hiding away from the glaring sunshine with the curtains drawn, it’s finally dark and early enough to get a good gaming session underway after work and before bed. Still, you have nothing to play. And the clincher is, even if you’ve already put dibs on buying yourself the new COD or FIFA game before your mum buys it and hides it away for the best part of two months (that’s a sixth of a year – a sixth, mum!), who has a spare forty quid lying around when you have six soap-sets to buy for six aunties, a mother who wants a new dress, and a father who wants both the new COD and FIFA titles for himself?

That’s what I thought. And that’s where this list comes in. To help you to get your gaming fix (or to give you an idea of what to ask for from one of those aunties) on the run up to Christmas, I’m going to run a few articles on games that are not only awesome, but can be picked up for around (or less than) twenty quid. Better yet, you probably haven’t gotten around to playing them yet. This week, I’ll be dealing with Spec Ops: The Line.

Spec Ops: The Line came out for the PS3, Xbox360, and PC in the middle of 2012 and was met with favorable reviews, but little to no fanfare. It’s a shame, really, as it’s a game that grabbed me from the off and didn’t let go until I’d been through it six times on each and every difficulty. Even though it was worth every penny I paid of its £40 price tag, the fact it’s now available for under a tenner means that there’s no excuse not to suit-up, head to Dubai, and find out just what’s going on. Still need more convincing? That works out nicely: for your reading pleasure, are my top 5 reasons why you should drop whatever you’re doing to start playing Spec Ops: The Line…