5 Reasons eGaming Should Be Considered A Real Sport

A few years ago,  if I (or anyone else) told you that playing games is going to be considered a…

A few years ago,  if I (or anyone else) told you that playing games is going to be considered a sport, you’d probably laugh your butt off.  And you would have had the right to.  I mean, the word “athlete” is quite the opposite of the word “gamer”.  The modern athlete is a person with an incredible amount of strength  stamina, determination and intelligence, and that is is no way related to the modern gamer. Gamers are usually a bunch of guys who barely even see the sunlight because they are too focused on finishing the new Call of Duty game before anyone else and brag about his unfair level advantage in multiplayer battles afterwards.

But even so, this new trend is rising. eGaming is digging it’s way out of the underground and into the mainstream? But why so? Well, the answer is quite simple.  The gaming industry is big. No one can deny that. Companies make millions of dollars every year developing and selling games for the every day citizen  Now, most of us are casual gamers. We buy the games just because we are bored out of our freaking minds and the only way to escape our day to day lives is getting our butts handed to us buy a bunch of 12 years old kids with a gaming rig. That’s where eSports come in. We, men, we want to be the best in everything we do. And when they invented something called the leader board, all of us started wishing that we will once reach the top. And those of us that do, are called professional gamers. And those professional gamers compete between themselves to see who’s the best. Now add some money, and there you go, you got eSports.

Now, why should we consider this a real sport?



5. It’s Easy To Pick Up

This one is pretty self explanatory. If eGaming is considered a sport, then it’s the easiest sport ever invented. All you have to do is enter your PC/console (a feat you do basically every single day) and start playing the respective game! And for the better, because it’s going to keep you entertained for hours as you waste important time of your life on a chair, watching on a big-ass screen, playing the newest video-game you probably downloaded off torrent or any other P2P site.

Now, did you ever wonder why football is so popular? Well, here’s the answer to this ever-lasting, brain exhausting question. It’s easy to pick-up! All you have to do is get yourself a ball and you can start playing it. And it’s appealing to children (which makes eSports similar to football in yet another way). I mean, let’s be honest. The only difference between these two is the fact that eGaming has 2,000,000 times the amount of jerks in it than football has.