Metal Gear Solid V, the ninth major game in the series, was recently announced as a two different games: Ground Zeroes (prologue) and Phantom Pain. The trailer gives many tantalizing tidbits about what to expect. What does it mean to the Metal Gear Solid newcomer? What does it mean to those who received the “Big Boss” code name on their extreme playthroughs of the games?

As a side note, the two games will be released separately, both in 2013…


5. Developed Entirely By Kojima Productions

These games will be purely Hideo Kojima, as opposed to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I’m not saying Rising is bad, hell it’s one of my favorite games of the year. It’s just not a pure sneaking/stealth based game. It is just barely canon. This will immerse the MGS purists and enthusiasts back into the familiar sneaking suit and pain-stakingly cross open areas using every divot, obstacle, and cardboard box to their advantage.

The sky is the limit with what Kojima will try to do in the form of story, breaking the fourth wall, and of course cinematics. Of course, hopefully it won’t have 90-minute cutscenes.

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This article was first posted on April 6, 2013