I was dusting off some of my old PlayStation 3 games earlier, (I say “old”, which is odd for a console that only came out in 2006) and stumbled upon Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain.

It is a game I haven’t played in a good long while and upon slipping it into the console of which it was released exclusively to in 2010, I quickly remembered just how immensely enjoyable the gaming experience was. Is there a more immersive gaming experience than the one Heavy Rain gives you? A game which allows you to flick the analogue stick up and down in order to give one of your protagonists (there’s four of them) a quick shave or a brush of the teeth really is a difficult one to beat in that department.

One year after its release to critical acclaim, David Cage, creator of Heavy Rain stated that “sequels kill creativity and innovation” in games, all but ruling out the potentiality of a sequel.

The only game that has been released since that have come anywhere close to the mechanics of Heavy Rain has been Rockstar Games’ L.A Noire in 2011, which gives the gamer a similar amount of control over proceedings as Quantic Dream did with the title in question.

I believe that the gameplay mechanics in Heavy Rain should be replicated by more games in future (if not in a sequel), and here are five reasons why.

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This article was first posted on February 5, 2013