5 Reasons Why The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Ever

5. The Visually Present Sense Of Impending Of Doom


The implications of Link failing in a Legend of Zelda game are similar across the board. If Link fails in any of his adventures, the world would fall in darkness and an evil entity would be the de facto king.

This endgame scenario is daunting, sure, however, Link in every other ‘Zelda’ game is free to do as he pleases with unlimited time and virtually no reference of what happens after Link is defeated. Majora’s Mask does away with the relaxed sense of security other ‘Zelda’ games give.

Once Link enters Termina, a timer ticks away counting down three days’ worth of gameplay and when the clock hits zero, the impossible to miss suicidal moon comes crashing down into Termina, killing all of its inhabitants.

No other ‘Zelda’ game, save Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, even hints at what happens if Link fails. However, in Majora’s Mask, not only is there a constant reminder of what could happen if the player slacks off and lets the timer run out, there’s also an ending apocalyptic cutscene depicting the moon crashing into Termina to drive this point home.


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