5 Shockingly Dull Minigames (In Otherwise Awesome Games)

Like stopping for a quick coffee in the middle of a rollercoaster, some minigames completely destroy their game’s momentum…

Philip Haynes


source // 2K Games
2K Games

There’s nothing quite as good at ruining an awesome game than a bad minigame. While the main game plays like a highly polished experience created by a dedicated team of talented developers, the minigame feels like it was hastily put together by a group of drunk monkeys.

Minigames are surprisingly common nowadays. Franchises such as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto are all crammed with bite-sized distractions designed to keep things fresh and provide a bit of variety. They’re not all zingers, however. In fact some are downright terrible, completely lacking the innovation and creativity that their developers are known for.

Our time on earth is finite, and many of us have wasted valuable minutes of our precious lives on the following five ridiculously dull abominations. These atrocious minigames dragged down the quality of the fantastic games they inhabit with their unimaginative, repetitive and basic gameplay mechanics. If we could erase them from existence, we totally would.

Alas, we can’t do that so we’ll have to settle for putting the worst of the bunch in a list instead. Let’s begin!