Everyone knows that certain games restrict players who are too young for them. Games that include violent content or adult themes are given appropriate age ratings to ensure that younger players aren’t subjected to or influenced by the content. But have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps certain or even all games are only suitable for players below a particular age.

Now far be it from me to try to tell you that you, fine reader, might be too old for games just because you are in your thirties or forties (you don’t look it, though, you look marvellous). However we gamers do have to consider the possibility that one day we may all become too old to continue playing video games. This is a terrible notion, and one that I myself will fight against with my dying breaths – I already have my excuses ready for when I, at twenty-three years old, purchase a Ninetndo 3DS and pre-order the sixth generation of the supposedly ‘childish’ Pokémon games.

Sadly we all need to prepare ourselves for the day that our age leads to our gaming being question by society. Fear not, though, because here we have compiled a list of five tell-tale signs that you might be becoming too old for gaming. If you realise that one or more of these signs may have appeared in your life then get your excuses ready, or else you may be convinced to hang up the controllers for good!

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This article was first posted on January 26, 2013