The Star Wars Universe has spawned an abundance of games from the earliest days of modern gaming. The majority of games from this era are terrible, the Super Star Wars series for the SNES is amazing. In fact, you should go play it… right now.

The difference between games then and now, though, is hype: Video games nowadays seem to require much fanfare and ceremony (and in particular, when they are involved with the Star Wars). This certainly is the case with Star Wars: 1313. The reality rarely meets expectation. And often the results are poor tie-ins like Star Wars: Clone Wars, or something far worse, like Star Wars: Kinect.

Then there are those other games, the games that smash through the barriers of what a Star Wars game can be. Games like KOTOR, Battlefront, The Force Unleashed etc. I am going to dive into the murky Star Wars video game waters filled with disappointment and wasted hours of precious life. The only other franchise to suffer a similar fate is the DC Universe. Now there is a franchise that has been hammered with disappointing to terrible games for decades, Superman 64 anyone?

Here are 5 Star Wars games that should have been great but sucked. To clarify these are not all “bad” games, though some of them are very disappointing. Before we begin, here are some dishonourable mentions: The Old Republic, Battlefront 3 (for not existing) and The Force Unleashed 2 (TFUII)…

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This article was first posted on February 28, 2013