That’s right, we’re going old school with this post, way back to the PS1 days, to where graphics that now look laughably dated, looked tremendous on release, and where life was an awful lot easier and games seemed an awful lot harder (for the better.) Yes, the graphics may be poor now, but there were a few games that had absolutely outstanding opening scenes, even to rival their modern day counterparts.

Here we look at five classic PS1 games that announced themselves as completely awesome, even before you got to play the thing…

5. Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey


Whatever happened to old Abe? He’s pretty much dropped off the radar as of late, but in his first venture way back in 1997 our hapless, enslaved Mudokon was toiling away in Rupture Farms, the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld and we loved him.

After sneaking around he finds out that he and his companions are to be slaughtered for ingredients in his employer’s new product line, and naturally, this doesn’t go down too well with Abe so he takes it on himself to flee while trying to save as many as his fellow Mudokon’s as possible.

The gameplay was quite innovative for its day: at heart it was a simple platformer, yet it had some puzzle elements, such as using your chant ability to possess enemies so Mudokons could sneak by, to er… farting to distract some enemies.

The opening scene sets the tone for the game, from the dark, hopeless feel of the factory, to Abe’s admirable determination. Having the opening scene end just as you take control of Abe was also a nice touch.

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This article was first posted on January 2, 2013