5 Video Games The Media Always Get Wrong (And 5 That Could Change Their Minds)

When tragedy strikes, the media goes into a feeding frenzy and always come to the conclusion that video games are…

Ashtyn Marlow



When tragedy strikes, the media goes into a feeding frenzy and always come to the conclusion that video games are the cause. Of course, our gaming culture knows better than that, but whoever really listens to us?

Who is going to listen when we say the Grand Theft Auto series has some of the best storytelling out there, when one report tells our parents that we play it to get points for killing civilians (that’s right, points! Good research CNN!). Who is going to listen to us when California senator Leland Yee says us gamers “have no credibility” in the violent media argument?

I would have to disagree: millions of us game and the culture is worldwide. If all of us are the crazed lunatics the media would like to think we are, I’m pretty sure the world would be nearing that post-apocalyptic state we virtually visit so often.

The argument is always geared at kids, yet they fail to realize these games are mainly aimed at adults. Oh, that’s right, no adults play video games, right? This is strictly a kids medium, am I right? They always say we need to take action to keep these out of kid’s hands. I believe the action has been taken. I must present my I.D. to purchase any game with that big fat M rating on the cover – some retailers even scan my driver’s license.

If a parent wants to scan their I.D. to buy the game for their kid all the power to them (my parents sure did till I reached that ripe old age of 17). It all comes down to parenting which is a whole new tender subject. They obviously trust their kid enough to separate fantasy from reality – if they made a poor judgment that does not mean an entire industry needs to be scrutinized for one person’s actions.

The worst part about these reports on games is how completely wrong the facts that they present about these so-called “murder-simulators” are. It is as if they have seen no hands-on preview, no gameplay footage – and they definitely haven’t seen a damn story trailer. Instead, they see the violence ensue in the montage the team has put together and pull horrible things out of thin air that make society question our sanity.

So without further ado, let’s look at 5 games that have been wrongly accused in news reports for years (and 5 games that could change the media’s minds about video games).