5 Ways To Make The Perfect Crash Team Racing Remaster

Crash Team Racing HD. Make it happen.

Crash Team Racing Hd
Naughty Dog

Although the upcoming N. Sane Trilogy is an exciting prospect, one thing that Crash Bandicoot fans have been craving just as long for is a remake of Crash Team Racing.

CTR is a beloved racing gem in the eyes of many PlayStation fans, featuring the Crash franchise's zany characters, upbeat music and inventive level designs, all making it a joy to play. Awesome gameplay features such as the Adventure mode and a tighter focus on drifting and weaponry made it feel very distinct from other kart racers like Mario Kart.

Because of this, and despite a number of sequels from a number of developers, many fans have waited years for one that truly felt like a worthwhile continuation. With the impending release of the N. Sane Trilogy, itself a remake of three classic Crash Bandicoot games, the hope for a revisit to CTR is higher than ever.

For Crash Team Racing to be the best experience it can be, there are several things that Vicarious Visions need to implement, alongside things they need to completely avoid. It's a given that the remaster should have graphics similar to the N. Sane Trilogy, and the following essential features would make 'Crash Team Racing HD' the perfect remaster.


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