5 Weird Places No Video Games Should Go

There are some paths games were not meant to tread. Here are 5 of the weirdest.

Corey Milne


This was a surprisingly tough article to get down on paper, or at least the digital equivalent. It sprang up around the Lara Croft rape controversy, when my editor suggested that we could explore themes that wouldn’t be translated well into video games.

Now straight off the bat you would expect that rape would be the number one suspect on the list. Within society rape isn’t something that comes up as a light bit of conversation. The thing is though, I’m someone who thinks that as the videogame medium evolves, there aren’t that many places where it couldn’t potentially go. When offering my views on the Tomb Raider controversy I pointed to examples where rape was used in a mature and intelligent way, and in the right hands can become a powerful plot device.

This of course didn’t help me in the slightest with the task at hand, cutting me off from themes that hardcore conservative mothers would have no trouble railing against. Fear not though dear reader, for after much soul searching (i.e. Google) I was able to find 5 things that videogames should probably stay away from.