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The next-gen consoles all seem to have settled down in their respective niches, with the fad of a combination of motion and physical controllers reaching its apex. The well designed, ergonomic human/machine interfaces that exist now are only available due to a long history of trial and error, with emphasis on the error.

This list contains the accessories and controllers that were better off left in the dust of the progresses that have lead to where we are today.


5. The Atari Mindlink

atari mindlink

It was the military that eventually refined the technology that allowed the human mind to meld with computers, to control them at the speed of thought. The Atari Mindlink claimed to be the perfect bridge, connecting the player’s wishes to the games actions, reading your mind and enacting events on screen, in real time. Unfortunately, these claims were as substantial as an anti-fireworks policy on the 4th of July.

The “Mind” link did not interpret your thoughts into pixels any better than Google can accurately translate your French homework. The reality of this cutting edge technology was a device which monitored eyebrow movements and acted accordingly, and if you raise your eyebrows in surprise when reading that sentence then I can only assume you mean “Switch to Primary Weapon.”

The testing phase had gamers complaining of headaches from having to coordinate their eyebrow movements to concur with on screen processes, with all the sensitivity of 1980′s infa-red technology picking up on only the most exaggerated of movements. Luckily for Jo Pallans everywhere, the Mindlink never entered production.

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This article was first posted on July 5, 2013