Facebook is perhaps one of the greatest websites in the history of the internet. It has revolutionized online social media, trumping MySpace, Google+ and others in almost every aspect. At the end of September, Facebook accounted for 1.01 billion active users worldwide – that’s an astonishing 14% of the world’s population.

But for every person that uses Facebook, there’s probably an app or game. And almost every single one of those games could disappear without a trace, and the world would not bat an eyelash.

Here are just a few of those Facebook games that all of us honestly wish would just disappear.

6. Words with Friends

This is a game that went viral from its development as a smart phone app and then took over the social media scene, clogging up Facebook notifications with friends requesting another person to make look like an English fool.

The game itself is a mix of Scrabble and UpWords. As much as I love word games, however, Zynga has tainted this genre with its overly-addictive app. It’s slightly disturbing how much this game has gained popularity, even now after the death of the smart phone app usage.

Words with Friends is overhyped and over-promoted. I have no problem if people want to play it, but for the love of all things bright and beautiful, please remove this from the Facebook games. The notifications drive everyone crazy and somehow leak through the app-request filter.

I wish Facebook would get rid of this game.

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This article was first posted on November 16, 2012