6 Things About the Pokemon Games That Defy Logic

The Pokemon games are the stuff of legend. Truly have they never really been less than a perfect sort of…

Cameron Carpenter


The Pokemon games are the stuff of legend. Truly have they never really been less than a perfect sort of addiction, the product of fantastic ambition combining curiously cuddly and interesting characters with a completely immersive world. What started with Pokemon versions of Red and Blue have subsequently started a phenomenon of games that are still raking in the cash on the handheld platform medium.

But every immersive world is left with some holes in logic, and the PokeVerse isn’t infallible. Here are a few instances in which logic is bent around and played with for the sake of being a hell of a role-playing game. Note that these questions can be answered for the sake of the game’s playability, but certainly raise some questions about the world under this playful scrutiny. Nonetheless, I hope many long years of life are granted to the Pokemon franchise. It most certainly deserves it.


6. Pretty Much Everyone Has a Hefty Sum of Money in Cash…

It’s understandable that when you find yourself battling a gym leader, that winning earns you a little financial compensation. After all, these are men and women who are, for all intents and purposes, sort of like business owners. They have to provide for a building, a staff of trainers, and the well-being of their own prized Pokemon, so it makes plenty of sense for them to hand over a hefty chunk of change with a badge for your efforts.

But what about youngsters, who have apparently cheated the system (because they appear to be seven or eight instead of ten) or campers and bug trainers, who walk around with pretty sizable (and questionable) monetary bills? Where are they getting this money? Other kids through Pokemon battles? And where are they getting the money? It could be said that Pokemon training, for a child, is infinitely more dangerous than substance abuse, considering how you’re sending your kid into the forests and jungles of the world with a Pokemon who only knows “Harden.” So are parents in this world just a little too encouraging and fickle with money?

Although, I will say that it makes a better game than “Pokemon Crystal: Got To Sell It All Before My Pimp Gets Back.”

…I think.