6 Things You Need To Know About WWE 2K18 Career Mode

Multiple storylines and free-roaming environments highlight MyCAREER's advances.

2K Games

WWE 2K18 is almost upon us, and details are really starting to pour through ahead of the October 17th release date.

The full list of playable characters was finalised with IGN's latest video update last week, adding the 47 more names to what is the series' base roster for the third consecutive year. The talent pool was bolstered further by Vince McMahon's addition on Tuesday afternoon, and the early reviews are already filtering through, with consensus stating that 2K's presentation has never been sharper, but the series hasn't made a great leap forward.

Details on MyCAREER were scarce, but 2K Games have now posted a lengthy update on the franchise's most immersive game mode. Claiming that their main goal is to "shift back to telling a compelling story through self-created WWE Superstars," 2K promise a tailored, narrative-driven approach with unparalleled levels of freedom: welcome news, given 2K17's dull, grindy MyCAREER experience.

2K's plans are ambitious and exciting. Fulfil these promises, and they'll create richest, most engrossing career mode in franchise history, but get it wrong and they'll have a lot of frustrated fans to placate.

Here's what 2K18's career mode has in store...

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