7 Awesome Japanese Video Games Never Released In The USA

The greatest games that never made it across the Pacific Ocean.


Japanese developers dominated the video game industry throughout the 90s, with key players like Nintendo and Sega competing to dish out enough awesome, nostalgia building games and characters to capture the hearts (and wallets) of gamers all across the globe.

In fact you could argue the case that the market is still dominated by Japanese titles today, with gaming titans Sony and Nintendo still pumping out incredible games year on year. As one of the biggest demographics on earth, the US has had the great fortune of getting the vast majority of these titles translated, allowing us English speakers to revel in the majesty of classics such as Super Mario 64, Pokemon Red and Blue, Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus.

However, there are some gems that we never got. Games that, no matter how awesome and popular they were in Japan, never made the trip across the Pacific ocean and into our hearts. Games so good the developers kept them all for themselves. Games so controversial they weren't allowed to trespass on US soil. Games so troubled in production it's a wonder they were released at all. All are awesome; all are perpetually out of reach.

These are their stories...


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