7 Best Halo Maps

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Halo is the most successful Xbox exclusive in the consoles history. Original developer Bungie created a first person shooter masterpiece back in 2001 and even though they have since left the franchise, Halo 4 has proved the series is more than safe in the hands of new developer 343 Industries. While Call of Duty remains the most popular first person shooter, Halo is widely regarded as the best. Some prefer the manic pace of Call of Duty while others love Halo€™s more skilful approach. Whatever your preference, the one area where Halo trounces Call of Duty is perhaps, the most important when it comes to online warfare. Maps define an online experience and Halo has a rich and varied selection that is miles ahead of the competition.

Narrowing it down to just 7 maps was a terribly difficult process. At one stage, 4 of the maps that ultimately made it onto this list weren€™t even being considered, such is the overall standard of each iterations maps. It also depends on your play style. Is Halo best when engaging in frantic dogfights? Or is the true test of skill decided by nothing but a DMR? In the end, I decided on choosing the best of the best, based on balance and fun €“ maps that are truly befitting of the heroic Spartans that grace them. Here are the 7 best maps in Halo.

7. Haven (Halo 4)

haven The previous Halo games set such a benchmark with maps that it was always going to be hard for new developer 343. Haven is the only Halo 4 map on this list and while some might complain that it's very similar to another choice further on, I think it has already become an instant classic in its own right. Inspired by the new quicker based gameplay, Haven is a two story symmetrical Forerunner base with an outer ring and multiple access points between levels. The center circle is the main fighting area and while it does encourage the use of assault rifles, long lines of sight and clever jump points mean DMR players can pick off foes from afar. The human lifts completely open up objective game modes, especially in Oddball and it's the best choice when making Custom games. Shotty/Snipers anyone? Best Game Modes: Oddball and Slayer

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