Videos games work at their best when the player is presented with a clear protagonist for them to root for and get emotionally invested in. We, as gamers, love a good hero.

On the other hand, a great video game villain can fuel the gamers desire to triumph just by simply being good at being bad.

This list, however, goes beyond that. This list looks at the video game characters that perhaps aren’t great villains but are, in fact, just jerks. The characters that are there just to annoy you, just to make your blood boil, just to make you rage quit. Characters who may not necessarily have a fantastically diabolical plan, if any plan at all. Some of the characters found on this list may not even be bad guys within the game itself but trust me, they are all most definitely douches…


Please be aware that there may be some spoilers ahead (for one game in particular) so stop reading if you wish to avoid them.


7. Dr. Eggman/Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog Series)


Ah, Dr. Eggman. A classic video gaming villain who is always coming up with brand new wacky schemes and crazy inventions to help him fulfil his ultimate goal of world domination. He has appeared as the main antagonist in pretty much every Sonic The Hedgehog game ever released. What makes him a total jerk, however, is his the fact that he uses the exact same plan every time and seems completely unwilling to deviate from it.

This plan seems to be, “If I turn thousands of cute little animals into nightmarish robots that will then attack any other cute little animal that stands in my way, I’ll control the world.” Idiot.

The fact that he appears to be one of the very few humans you ever see in the series, it also means that he is responsible for making our entire species look like dicks. Thanks, jerk.

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This article was first posted on May 16, 2013