7 Life Lessons You Learned From Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar's masterpiece taught you everything other than tying a lasso.


Haven’t you always wanted to be a cowboy? As a kid, they’re right up there alongside policemen, soldiers and astronauts on the list of things we want to be when we grow up. Naturally you do grow up, realise you’re probably never going to saddle up and tame the wild west, and take that job in accounts so you can chat to Linda.

Then Red Dead Redemption came along. Twice, if you count its Xbox One backwards compatibility (which nobody does). RDR’s smart gameplay and design captured how it should feel to be the hero, and totally inhabit the role, similar to Rocksteady’s own power-fantasy, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

You weren’t playing as John Marston; you were John Marston – rider of the open plains, doer of a squillion side-quests.

I’m not saying Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar’s finest moment, but I’m strongly implying it – even over GTA V’s pitch-perfect satire of our unholy modern age. It was a simpler time, back then, see. An age of child-like wonder, bloody hard work, and banditos stealing your livestock. But Red Dead Redemption still managed to teach us a few crucial lessons about life…


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