7 Upcoming Video Games That Will Waste Their Biggest Selling Points

7. "A Single Player Story Within A Multiplayer Game" - Anthem

Anthem Bioware E3 2018 17

Just pick one, Bioware. You really can't have it all.

Sadly, the state of the union with Bioware is plainly that they're no longer one of the finest RPG developers on the planet, and instead, are attempting to recoup some substantial funds and industry cred, with an altogether riskier project.

Called Anthem, it was debuted as an online-only multiplayer loot-shooter, only after Bioware's legions of fans pointed out that their most identifiable studio aspects were completely absent, we got wind of a single-player component, accessed in between missions.

Done entirely in first-person, clearly this mode has also been in development for quite some time, but the PR push towards highlighting how you'll have "meaningful conversations with NPCs" sounds incredibly forced.

Executing something that works perfectly for squadded up Destiny players AND solo RPG-lovers is impossible.

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