8 Annoying Mistakes Video Game Developers Continue To Make

How are invisible walls still a thing?

Ghost Recon Wildlands

When it comes to creating games, developers and creatives have come a long way. From the distant memories of Pong, to the glistening height of Breath of the Wild, games have transformed in a myriad of brilliant ways, always constantly innovating and expanding the horizons of the medium.

And while developers have spent decades honing their crafts and games are slowly becoming refined masterpieces, there are still a number of major mistakes that tons of studios continue to make. Whether it's in the name of saving time or there just isn't a valid way of solving a given problem in a particular game before - and sometimes after - launch, these mistakes always seem to crop up, despite the vocality of gamers.

Ranging from outdated methods of game design to clumsy implementation of supposedly innovative mechanics, there are always ways for developers to improve the experience. And in a time where developers are slowly catching onto the idea that maybe their target audiences know what gameplay mechanics and features they would like to play, perhaps the following mistakes and annoyances can be ironed out for good...


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