8 Best Superhero Video Games That Didn't Come From DC Or Marvel

A hero can be anyone - even a fat kid dressed up as a squirrel.


When gamers are asked to name the best superhero titles, they always cite the Batman Arkham trilogy thanks to its groundbreaking combat, mature storytelling and AAA production values ‘revitalising’ the genre.

After Rocksteady's finest efforts, it's onto Marvel and DC's Lego games, the online MMOs, and Spider-Man 2 (aka the greatest game ever if we're going off peoples' fond and nostalgic memories).

Batman, Spider-Man, Superman etc. are always spoken about first, thanks to their celebrated stature as cultural icons. Everybody including non-comic book fans know of these figures, in no small part due to their cinematic cash-cows.

However, while ‘being the Batman’ in the award-winning Arkham trilogy is undoubtedly great, and swinging into buildings in New York at an uncontrollable speed in Spider-Man 2 is fun, a lot of the best and overlooked superhero games don’t belong to the Marvel or DC family.

They are instead rebels who parody, innovate, and go against the norm, proving that not every saviour of the world has to be a man in tights with a forever prominent brand attached to them.


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